Cylinder and Slide PART (SPECIAL ORDER)

Cylinder and Slide PART (SPECIAL ORDER)

This a generic item for a special order part (items we do not stock) from Cylinder and Slide

Steps to Order:

1. Go to Cylinder and Slide's Website

2. Find and record your part number (ex. CSXXXX)

3. Enter your part number and description in the field below. Continue through the order and fill in your delivery address and payment details

4. We will contact you with a quote for your final price and delivery estimate; ONLY after your confirmation you want it, will we charge your credit card.

5. Items must be paid in full, no refunds or exchanges will be issued on special orders.

6. There is no way to return this product to the USA; so ensure that the part # you indicate is the correct one for you.



Delivery averages 10- 12 weeks. Sometimes a little faster, sometimes a little slower.