February 1, 2012: Returned from SHOT Show in Las Vegas.  

STI is now offering a 4.15” (Canadian Legal) version of the Lawman and the Spartan.   Spartans should start arriving by March and Lawmans in the late Spring.   STI now has tritium adjustable sights that fit the Novak Cut guns, Aluminum long 2011 triggers and tactical sized Magwells for the 2011 style guns.

Tanfoglio has nothing new since the introduction of the Stock III last year; although they are working on a large frame Stock III for later in this year that will accommodate 38 super, 45 and 10mm.   We did learn that we can order (and are ordering) the Stock II that they make for Australia that has a Stock III length bull barrel with slide and frame to match.

Taurus and Rossi were proud to report that they are not introducing any new major products this year, instead focusing on bringing existing product to the customer sooner.   They are in talks with someone to be their official Canadian warranty / repair depot.  This should be sorted out by April.

Magnum Research is still having difficulty getting products to market. All they can guarantee at this time is 50s and 44s in black, but hope to have more product available by summer.

Rescomp did not attend SHOT, but continue to offer their excellent holsters, belts and mag pouches in exciting colors (as well as ever popular black)

ITAC came out with a new product called the “ACP” that converts a pistol into a carbine. We’ve ordered a bunch of them.

C-More continues to deliver their new RTS and STS sights, while supporting their usual Serendipity / Railway / Tactical / Slide Ride line.

We literally talked to 50 new suppliers, but unfortunately, can’s comment on who and what that will be at this time, while we sort out the details. As we lock them down, we’ll announce them here.

February 20, 2012

Sean returns from the Florida Open with a 2nd place trophy for Limited 10.  Tough match - in one stage, there were not just one, but three 23 yard partial targets on bobbers!  As always, an excellent event.

March 12, 2012

Look at our new website! It’s been launched, looks more professional, and even offers E-commerce capabilities.

STI's new Spartan IV - 4.15" pistol is now in stock - 9mm and 45ACP.

STI Sporting Rifles are back in stock as are STI Apeiros in 40

July 4, 2012

Sorry, been so busy - haven't had time for updates.

We've got in the first ever Taurus 24/7 G2s for Canada and the 809s and 840s. The 800s were incorrectly categorized as "prohibited", we worked with the RCMP and Taurus Engineers to get them reclassified as "Restricted" as thier barrel length was actually more than 105mm.

We just received our first shipment of Windham Weaponry AR-15s - REALLY NICE! Excellent finish; chambered in 556 and 223 (and say so) a threaded barrel with a A2 birdcage flash suppressor, and working collapsible stocks. Great pricing for the value.

Sean Shot in the Summer Fun IPSC Level 3 match in Kingston, Ontario and won Standard Division. Looks like the practice is paying off.  Next up - the IPSC Canada Nationals atht ened of the month.

ITAC TDLs (Tactical Defensive Lights) have arrived - 450 lumens lights up the night. I'm using one to walk the dog, with out attached to a rifle, lets me see anything and if we're approached by an unfriendly, the strobe mode at 450 will pretty much make sure they're not going to be doing anything aggressive.