EGW HD Higher Mag Catch Machined Checkered

EGW HD Higher Mag Catch Machined Checkered
Compatable with: Most high quality 1911s - will not work in double stack 1911 pistols.

The shelf on our EGW Higher Mag Catch is .020 higher, to hold the magazine higher in the frame. The button is extended .040" higher than the original 1911A1 factory button to ensure fast positive magazine release on the 1st try. Guns that have issues with nose dives will benefit from the higher mag placement (provided there is a small gap between the magazine and the frame in the front). The result is better feeding with 8 round 45 mags and hollow points. The higher mag catch is checkered for better grip. This part is NOT MIM or CAST. Our mag catches are NOT tapped for buttons. The button on our mag catch is standard GI spec.


11121 SS

11120 Blue