EGW Evolved Sear Spring 1911 E-10693

EGW Evolved Sear Spring 1911 E-10693
EGW Sear Spring 1911 E-10693

Our EGW Evolved 1911 Sear Spring has been quietly in the works for some time. We are known for improving on original designs, one could even say they go through an EVOLUTION. With over 30 years experience in the 1911 market, we have finally come up with our own fix to combat the typical issues associated with other sear springs.

Sometimes 1911 frames can be a bit out of spec. One of the more common issues we have seen is the sear spring slot cut lower than it should be. This can cause the sear spring to not fully engage on the sear. Many springs currently on the market are not long enough to address this issue. We went back to the drawing board and made our spring over .030" longer on the left finger to accommodate frames that encounter this issue.