BIRCHWOOD CASEY - Self-Adhesive Target Spots® Targets

BIRCHWOOD CASEY - Self-Adhesive Target Spots® Targets
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Self-Adhesive Target Spots® Targets

Convenient, self-adhesive Target Spots create instant bull’s-eyes for all types of target practice! The high-contrast, fl uorescent red color lets you see a sharper sight picture and bullet holes more clearly for better scores and smaller groups. Try all sizes for different distances and uses – rifle, shotgun, handguns and even archery. All Target Spots have a self-adhesive backing for easy use.

Find the Target Spots you need – whether the size you need is 1", 1 1/2", 2", 3" or 6"! Or, for the avid shooter who needs more than one size, choose the Value Pack Assortment, which includes the three most popular sizes!

33901 1" Spots 360 Targets
33902  90- 2" Spots